Quiet but not peaceful

Bangkok is very quiet these days. It’s as if the city is trying to understand what happened, and how it can live with this for the future. And what will the future be anyway? This is a nation that is deeply divided, but still share an abundance of challenges. The difference between the rural northeast and the urban Bangkok is just a tiny part of it. There’s corruption that rides the country like a pest, hindering development and sucking out resources. There’s an education system that can best be described as failed. Not that it doesn’t produce qualified candidates for life in Thailand, but that’s one of the limitations; life in Thailand isn’t like life in Norway, France or even Singapore. Life in Thailand is different, and that is what makes living here such a great attraction.

Action is needed, and it’s needed fast. Putting out the fire isn’t nearly enough. Hopefully, the members of the parliament understand that, so that their positive attitude and the results of what they’re doing can stop the extremism of the red leaders. While the great red masses have a worthy case, most their leaders clearly don’t. They are after money and influence, trying to force Thailand into a pattern that suits their own needs.

Here’s a vote for the people of Thailand!

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