Payathai Crossing

Little more than a kilometer north of the glitzy shopping malls in downtown Bangkok, Siam this and Siam that and the slightly overcooked Central World, along the heavily congested, six lane Payathai road, reality comes roaring out of the forest, at the speed of papaya salad. And the city stops for a couple of minutes, while the iron elephant continues its bumpy journey towards Chanchoengsao and other exotic destinations. For 48 Baht, it will even take you the whole five hour journey to Aranya Pratet at the Cambodian
border. That’s certainly better value than a Louis Vuitton handbag at Gaysorn Plaza.

Or you could move 20 or 30 meters vertically, by lift or elevator of course, no sweatin’ on the tracks. That will take you to the new airport link, which will bring you in air-conditioned and noiseless, soundless almost, comfort, to the big, international airport in the sumps outside Bangkok. From there, you can fly swiftly to another set of glitzy shopping-malls, where you can buy your Levi’s jeans and your Big Mac in another currency, from people who speak English with yet another accent.

The world is becoming increasingly exotic, don’t you think?

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