Racing in Thailand

Since most people seem to have visited Thailand a zillion times already, there might not be much that haven’t been discovered by the endless hordes of tourists who visit this country every year. But there are. Lots. And that is one of the themes that this blog will be centered around; things in Thailand (and other countries in this part of the world) that are slightly off-beat and slightly undiscovered.

In addition to temples, beaches and go-go bars for instance, there’s racing, real motor racing. No formula one unfortunately (or fortunately, considering the rather relaxed attitude towards road safety in this country), but all kinds of other cars, like Hondas:

and smaller Hondas:

… and pickup trucks and big motorbikes and so on, but more about that another day. And for those who are not interested in fast cars, there are other things to look at, like:

or simply:

And since all this is so interesting to watch, there are spectators:

There are races more or less every weekend during the high season (May to December) around the country. These photos were taken at Bira Circuit near Pattaya which is one of the most popular circuits.

And just in case you wonder if the Thai Rouge is still around… they are, but not here. More about that too later.

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Thai Rouge

These are interesting times, so I’d better take some notes to be able to remember for the future… what it looked like from here. The reds are occupying Bangkok, or at least parts of it, I’m in infamous Pattaya and I keep wondering where I came from and where I’m going.

The reds first: They could have had a good case, if they had a believable political agenda, if they behaved, didn’t intimidate people and storm hospitals and other government buildings, and if they didn’t support a convicted billionaire on the run. Many things need to be improved in Thailand, but shouting four-letter-words from a stage in Bangkok and throwing bombs around won’t solve those challenges.

But from a photographic point of view, it’s all very interesting. The reds are a colourful bunch of people, and make some nice street portraits.

We obviously haven’t seen the end yet. More to follow.


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